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Continue to grow: Shopify to WordPress

Shopify is an excellent solution for opening your first online shop. However, as the business takes off, the requirements increase. Due to the Shopify system (cloud service), there are limitations that make certain functions impossible. Moving to WordPress with the WooCommerce shop plugin can be the step towards more independence and growth. However, this step should be carefully considered. We would be happy to support you with your project to ensure that the change of shop system is a success.

We help you move your data

The move from Shopify to WordPress is the right time to implement a more modern design, optimised user guidance and new functions. We as Internet agency are specialised in WooCommerce shops and have experience from more than 40 realised projects in this area. In addition to the above-mentioned points, however, the Data migration a very important point (and cost factor) when it comes to switching to WordPress with WooCommerce.

A general overview of the common methods of Data migration to WooCommerce you can see here.

Transfer products with CSV files

If you only want to move the product data from Shopify to WordPress, this is possible without any special knowledge. Use the product export in Shopify and the built-in product importer in WooCommerce.

ImportantHowever, this only works for products. Other shop data, such as customer data, order history, images and ratings, can also be exported as CSV, but they cannot be easily transferred to WooCommerce.

Services for a Shopify migration to WooCommerce


You make a short request

or write an e-mail to

We analyse your shop

With our Scan analysis tools we immediately check your current shop and gain insights into the scope. We then create an individual questionnaire that we discuss with you personally. 



We provide a fixed price offer

After we have recorded your requirements and wishes, we create in 2-3 workdays a detailed fixed price offer for the data migration, design and implementation. 

We move your shop

We usually start with the transfer of the Data into a test system. On this basis, the design and the desired functions are developed. Shortly before going live, the Data reconciled againThis ensures that no data is lost and that unnecessary errors are avoided in the course of the relaunch. 



We are still here for you

After the successful conversion to the new system, we are of course still there for you and help you with daily operation, updates and further development.