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We create your website on the basis of WordPress

For over 10 years, we as an agency have been creating professional WordPress websites for clients from many different industries. WordPress, just like our Internet agency, has evolved greatly. From a simple blog system to the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. We are happy to be part of the WordPress community! With your website, too!

References for WordPress Websites

Selection of our projects with WordPress

Evergreen Media

Our cooperation partner Evergreen Media from Innsbruck commissioned us to create a website that meets the high requirements of an SEO agency.

Reference in detail

Axians Select Club

For Axians Cloud & IT-Automation GmbH, we developed a customer portal through which the company can offer its customers a bonus programme.

Reference in detail

SFCP Network

For the project sfcp-network.de, a custom WordPress design was developed with Elementor. The web design and functionality were designed for smartphones and desktop.

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In addition to the fundamental redesign of the website with WordPress, the implementation of an online shop for different customer groups played a decisive role.

Reference in detail


A custom WordPress theme was developed for the project altkleiderspenden.de by FairWertung e.V.. The web design and functionality were primarily designed for smartphones.

Reference in detail

Our services around WordPress


At the beginning, the central work step

The conception of a WordPress website is the central work step in the first third of a project. Here we process the information from customer discussions and our own analyses as well as our experience from more than 10 years of web design. Already in this phase we plan the visibility in Google search. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is therefore always part of the process for us and not a follow-up service.

Web design

We design your WordPress website

Web design is one of our core services at our agency. However, a successful WordPress website needs more than a chic appearance. For us, good website design means not only creating a pleasant user interface, the web design also includes a sensible page structure as well as intuitive functionality for all devices and screen sizes (responsive design).

Content creation

We conceptualise your content

To bring web design to life, it needs text, images, graphics and videos (collectively called content). The content on a website is the basis for the Search engine optimisation. We can't do without it! In our non-binding initial consultation, we advise which content is available, which can be taken over, which content needs to be revised and which parts should be newly created.

Plugin development

For individual functions

The selection of existing plug-ins is huge, but finite. Of course we also program our own plugins for special customer requests. These range from the labelling of ads on overview pages to a factorial price calculation of grouped products to a location display of different location types on a Google Map.
We would be happy to discuss your requirements in a non-binding initial meeting.

Integration & Connection

We connect your WordPress website to

The integration and connection of external systems can be technically and conceptually demanding. Automated data exchange is a requirement, not only for shops with WordPress or the WooCommerce plugin, which we gladly and professionally implement. Content (ads, offers, etc.) from other systems can be integrated via the existing WordPress interface (API) and give your WordPress website a special relevance.

Search engine optimisation

SEO for top rankings on Google & Co.

The Search engine optimisation (SEO) for WordPress websites is one of our core competences. The smartest web design is usually of no use to a website if it cannot be found in Google searches. In order to save costs and work efficiently, search engine optimisation is an essential service right from the start of the project, which can have an impact on the site structure, content and functionality. For example, we pay attention to the structure and navigation of the website, the use of alternative texts for images and the high-performance delivery of website content.

Removal service

Relocation service for WordPress websites

Hosting is elementary for security and website speed. But there can also be other good reasons for moving a WordPress website. The effort depends on the size of the site and the current server environment. In addition to the website, the domain and email inboxes may also need to be moved. To avoid downtime and negative effects in the Google ranking, we offer a professional relocation service for WordPress websites.

More about the Move from other content management systems (TYPO3, Joomla, Wix, Redaxo, etc.) can be found here.

WordPress hosting

We host your website

Every web application needs a server on which the files are located. Hosting refers to this service, which we naturally offer you for your WordPress website. In addition to superior performance (which has a positive effect on the loading speed of your website), you get a regular Data backup and 24/7 monitoring of the website.
In addition, our servers are equipped with 100% Green electricity operated.

Accessible websites

Accessibility according to BITV

A Accessible WordPress website is designed in such a way that it supports people to comprehend all content despite physical, mental or technical limitations. The requirements for a barrier-free website result from the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV). This ordinance aims to enable a comprehensive and fundamentally unrestricted barrier-free design of modern information and communication technology. The BITV is in turn based on the German Disability Equality Act (BGG) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the W3C Internet Consortium.

WordPress trainings

So that you can change your website yourself

For many companies, the website is a critical factor for the company's success. It is therefore logical to have the know-how for updating the website ideally also within the company. We offer our customers Training for groups or for individuals. We show the relevant functions and clearly explain the connections between technology, design and search engine optimisation.

Customer testimonial selection

Customer quotes about us and our work with WordPress

Overview of WordPress themes

Premium Theme Avada , Elementor Pro or Custom Theme
Theme avada-logo


With the premium theme from Avada, we create WordPress websites quickly and flexibly.

learn more
Logo Elementor


With Elementor's Page Builder we design unique websites with great effects.

learn more
Wordpress Theme Programming

Theme programming

For the highest demands, we programme our own WordPress themes without compromise.

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Our promise for cooperation

Look forward to constructive cooperation
Fixed price offer

For new WordPress websites, we will provide you with a fixed price quote that we will honour 100 %.


You have a fixed contact person for the entire project - and beyond.

Fast implementation

We plan our projects and tasks realistically and guarantee timely implementation.

Competent advice

We don't sell you anything you don't really need, and we give you open and honest advice.

Advantages of WordPress

Legal certainty for WordPress websites

DSGVO, wave of warnings, cookies, data protection, local Google Fonts and Google Analytics - the legal security of a website is an important topic, not only since the DSGVO. But with the right tools and our knowledge of current case law, this is not witchcraft for 95 % of all websites. For complex data collection and processing, we work with specialists in data protection.

Win customers with WordPress websites

Even if the website does not contain an online shop, something is usually offered. WordPress websites are suitable for presenting services, products and combinations thereof and attracting prospective customers for them. Nowadays, an attractive internet presence is often the most important instrument for customer acquisition. Potential employees, project partners and suppliers also form an impression of you with the help of your website.

Bi- or multilingual WordPress websites

Creating a website in two or more languages is standard nowadays, but unfortunately it is not (yet) directly integrated into WordPress. Nevertheless, this is a standard process that we implement with WordPress plugins such as WPML, Polylang and TranslatePress. The translation of the texts can be done by us, by you or by third parties. It is also possible to automatically translate the website texts from German into English, French and many other languages using tools such as DeepL or Google Translate, which reduces the editorial workload.

Would you like to offer the website in plain or simple language? For this purpose, we ourselves, in cooperation with SUMM AI and capito a solution ready.

WordPress website prices

For the new development or revision of websites, we offer our customers fixed prices that we always keep.

In order to provide you with a quote, we require a preliminary discussion or a detailed written briefing. Here you will find a Model for tender documents. The preliminary talk and the offer are free of charge for you.

In principle, our fixed price offers are also based on the estimated amount of work. The prices below are therefore only indicative and are non-binding.

Scope of the website Redesign Revision
up to 10 pages from €2,500 from €1,500
up to 50 pages from €6,000 from €2,000
with shop function + 2.000 € + 1.000 €

WordPress FAQ

Is WordPress free of charge?

The WordPress content management system is permanently free of charge. Numerous extensions are also free of charge. The business model of WordPress is called freemium, which means that the basis is free and you only pay for the use of special functions. The company behind WordPress is Automattic Inc., which is very successful thanks to the marketing of accompanying premium services or premium software (especially plugins).

Why is WordPress so popular?

Installing WordPress used to be advertised as taking 5 minutes. Today, we can even do it in 30 seconds, including setting up an SSL certificate. Standard processes are rarely elaborate with WordPress websites, which is the great advantage of using it. However, the server or hosting must be up to date and prepared for WordPress. This is the prerequisite for the error-free operation of a website with WordPress.

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme gives a website its appearance. Numerous theme settings influence the web design. The number of themes is almost infinite, making it very difficult for beginners to choose. The probability of choosing an unsuitable theme is very high and the consequences are considerable. We work with innovative and proven premium themes, e.g. the Avada theme, Elementor or create your own themes for a sophisticated web design.

When does programming have to be done?

Whether customising a theme, plugins or programming individual features, sometimes we need to enable WordPress website requirements through custom code. The programming work is shown separately in your offer. During implementation, we pay attention not only to functionality in the status quo, but also in the future, which means that the solution must be future-proof and still function error-free with future updates.

Is a WordPress website secure?

WordPress websites are constantly under attack from hackers and systems that are up to no good. Our website is "attacked" several times an hour. But being afraid is still unjustified! WordPress is in principle very secure. Even the standard security precautions are enough to successfully ward off attacks. Of course, when creating a WordPress website, the important security measures are always part of our service.

Is a WordPress website fast?

WordPress is a high-performance system in itself. The importance of the speed of a website is often underestimated. It has a direct influence on the user. Especially when the user is travelling with a smartphone outside of LTE (or on the train). Loading times are also enormously important for search engine optimisation, because the Google robot has better things to do than wait. That's why a high speed WordPress website is part of our value proposition.

What do WordPress plugins do?

WordPress websites can be expanded almost indefinitely with plugins. Many of the little helpers are available for free or for little money. However, the use of plugins also requires conscious selection and competence. WordPress plugins can also always harbour a technical and security risk. That is why knowledge of useful extensions is an important agency service.

We will call you back


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Patrick Kühne
18:59 13 May 24
The company laOlaWeb has programmed a customised WordPress plugin for me that makes my daily work much easier. After a first The work was completed within a few days. I will be contacting the company again in the future to further develop the plugin together.read more
Thomas Kujawa
18:17 05 May 24
Small, fine web agency with smart solutions for WordPress and its own plugins, including for Personio
Rolf Dieter Hoellwarth
08:56 16 Apr 24
Conclusion after almost 6 years of cooperation with LaolaWeb: Self-built online shop from 2018 was conjured up in WooCommerce, continuously maintained, LaolaWeb created complicated product masks according to my wishes, often helped me out of trouble, provided professional online training, and now the profit in online trading has almost tripled, which is probably due in no small part to LaolaWeb. PS: As we maintain the content ourselves, LaolaWeb is not responsible for any spelling mistakes or inconsistencies in the design.read more
Robert Schellin
09:18 04 Dec 23
laolaweb rebuilt our website in woocommerce and organised the move from magento - it worked out perfectly! very flexible, so that adjustments and problem solving are always dealt with very quickly. Full recommendation!read more
Ka Da
07:46 17 Jul 23
As an employee at WeylChem ORGANICA GmbH, I have come to know Laola Web as a reliable partner in the field of web design. Mr. Marina has made our Corporate design excellently translated for the web. A great solution was found for our product search. Changes were made quickly. We highly recommend Laola!read more
com2C com2C
13:30 03 Jul 23
Very reliable partner for web design: Always easy to reach, fast and competent. We thank you for the great cooperation!
Christian Brown
13:37 15 Jun 23
After some disappointments with other website service providers, I am really happy to have finally found the right partner in laola. Pleasant communication at eye level, direct contact persons and a lot of know-how in connection with clean implementation. I look forward to working together for a long time to come.read more
Lisa Enders
13:26 14 Mar 23
LaOla created a visually very appealing and user:friendly website for our science project. Our contact person Manuel has always implemented change requests quickly and according to our ideas. In addition to the friendly contact, we also liked the fact that the functionality of the website was explained to us in an understandable way, so that we are now able to add new content and make changes to the website ourselves - in this way, we were also empowered and gained exciting insights into the website creation process.read more
Nadine Prüfer
07:43 28 Feb 23
The team works quickly, gives prompt feedback and is professionally up to date. Many thanks for the pleasant cooperation.
Julia Holze
08:59 19 Sep 22
Very competent processing. The cooperation with Manuel was great. Thank you very much!
Julia Sämann
08:20 30 May 22
I had wanted an online shop with some special features. The team from laOlaWeb created the shop with WooCommerce super well and extremely quickly implemented. I felt in good hands and very well advised right from the start! All wishes and questions were dealt with promptly and in detail. I am happy about such reliable, good and competent service and can only recommend the agency!read more
Philip K.
21:24 11 Apr 22
The cooperation and implementation worked out great. I am fully satisfied.
Melanie Klein
10:34 09 Mar 22
We have completely redesigned our wordpress homepage with laOlaWeb. The collaboration with Mr. Ebert was very constructive and the implementation of the project steps took place on time according to the schedule. Structurally and technically, we are very satisfied with the result. Many thanks for the good cooperation!read more
Mike Weber
22:57 21 Feb 22
Always updates and maintains our website with WordPress, so it's time to give it 5 stars. Here's to continued good cooperation and much success for your company. Sincerely, Weberread more
Alexander Rus
10:21 15 Oct 21
Together with laOlaWeb, we recently put our website on a completely new WordPress footing. In doing so, we pushed the envelope in terms of is currently possible in WordPress. The result is a very successful relaunch in an area that could hardly be more competitive (SEO). laOlaWeb is a partner you can always rely on. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tobias and his team very much! 😃read more
Job Centre Leipzig
11:39 21 Sep 21
The Jobcenter Leipzig would like to thank laOlaWeb for the professional creation of our homepage. Working with laOlaWeb is impressive through the direct and fast communication channels, the creative input and the expert advice on the technical implementation of ideas. Reliability and competent advice have created a trusting cooperation and resulted in a customer-oriented and modern administrative website.Thank you very much!Sabine Edner, Managing Director of the Leipzig Job Centreread more
Leon Terdevaj
12:20 25 Jun 21
We have relaunched our website with the agency. At this point, I would like to highly recommend laOlaWeb, especially with regard to Word Press. building with Elementor, SEO and optimising usability for the user. The uncomplicated, fast and reliable cooperation with Mr. Ebert and Mr. Marina delighted me! Already during the meeting I felt very well taken care of and was advised transparently and honestly. Ideas are collected together and implemented in the interest of the end customer/user. Particularly noteworthy: the result-orientation. During the conception, I felt the experience and commitment of the team. The quick empathy with the target group in order to provide them with the best experience on the site, as well as the know-how in WordPress in order to find the best technical solution in the front and back end, form the basis for an all-round successful website project. I am sustainably enthusiastic!read more
Milan Serwene
11:22 11 Mar 21
With Tobias and his team, I feel in the best of hands with my WooCommerce shop. Professional advice, super accessibility and then visible successes. That's how it has to be! Thank you very much!read more
Ingo Solbach
10:01 08 Mar 21
I took part in a WooCommerce training course online. It was very informative, no question was left unanswered, and every topic was covered. helpful solution. The competence in the area of online shop and especially WooCommerce, also for advanced users, is remarkable. Gladly again, thanks & greetings from Cologne!read more
Sascha Sommerer
06:55 12 May 20
We had our WordPress website developed by laOlaWeb. Particularly noteworthy are the fast response times and the uncomplicated communication. In addition, the agency is also available for us after going live!Many thanks to the laOlaWeb teamread more
Adventure World Tour
10:14 08 Apr 20
Very competent and helpful advice on Avada and WordPress in general. We also have a solution for various problems here that no one else could help us with! Highly recommended!read more
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