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We programme your individual plugin for WordPress or WooCommerce

Development of extensions on behalf of customers

The selection of available plugins in the WordPress marketplace is huge, but finite. In order to achieve an optimal solution for a specific application, the standard plugins are sometimes not suitable. Either the desired function cannot be realised or a lot more functionality has to be included that is not needed at all and may have other negative effects.
As Agency for WordPress-websites, we therefore offer our customers the customised programming of plugins. The scope of an extension for WordPress can vary greatly.

Our standards for plugin programming

Having a customised plugin programmed is significantly more expensive than buying a ready-made plugin off the shelf. To ensure that your customised plugin still pays off, our programming is subject to high quality standards.

1. programming with WordPress standards

We programme according to the WordPress Codex, as this is the only way to ensure that the plugin fits into the existing WordPress structure without compatibility problems.

2. protection against security vulnerabilities

Extreme caution is required, especially if the plugin has an external connection. By adhering to strict security guidelines, there is no additional risk.

3. problem-free updating

The plugins programmed by us are developed in such a way that they will (most likely) continue to work with future updates of the WordPress core, theme or plugin updates.

4 Intuitive use

Regardless of whether the plugin is used in the frontend or backend, we pay attention to intuitive operation and simple presentation of the functions right from the design stage of the plugin

5. no performance killer

Many plugins slow down a website or shop dramatically. We programme the plugins so that they are performant and do not become a burden for the website.

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About plugin programming

How to create your customised WordPress plugin

1. understand requirements

In a non-binding preliminary discussion, we record your requirements and check their feasibility in principle. Thanks to our many years of experience with WordPress plugins and their programming, we can quickly assess whether or not there is already an existing solution for the requirements presented.

2. research and counselling

If we know of an existing plugin or find one during a search, you will receive a tip and an honest recommendation from us. Because we don't want to reinvent the wheel either and are happy to use existing plugins if the quality is right and there is nothing else to stop us.

3. extension or reprogramming

If no standard plug-in is satisfactory, there are basically two options:

  1. We use an existing plugin that comes very close to the desired requirements. We extend this plugin at the decisive points with the desired range of functions
  2. We programme the WordPress plugin from scratch and use the WordPress codex to maximise compatibility with WordPress and other plugins


The 1st option has the advantage that it is usually less complex. The disadvantage, however, is that it can lead to problems with updates. This is because the original plugin author does not know our extension and could change his plugin in the decisive places.

4. fixed price offer for plugin programming

Once the requirements have been communicated, we draw up a concept and a fixed price offer. We usually discuss this with you again so that there are no misunderstandings. If you agree, we can get started and programme your WordPress plugin.

5. programming in the test system

We use a copy of your live site (if available) to create a test system (development environment) in which we programme your new plugin. If it is a connection to an external interface (API), it makes sense to establish an active connection here as well. Of course, we make sure that no live data is changed from the test system and that no other interactions (e.g. e-mails to customers) take place.

6. testing and acceptance of the plugin

In the penultimate step, you can test the plugin yourself in the development environment and check whether all your requirements are met. Only after you have given your approval will we install the plugin in the live system and test the functionalities again (last step:).


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