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Paid advertisements with Google Ads in Google Search or in the Google Network are a popular channel to attract visitors to an Internet presence in a timely and uncomplicated manner. However, this search engine advertising (SEA) is with costs, which means that costs are incurred for every visitor who clicks on your ad. Nevertheless, advertising on Google is a sensible channel when on average more profit is achieved, as costs for the click.

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Search engine advertising process

Google Ads for websites and shops

Search engine advertising for WordPress websites usually has the Aim of a subsequent contact by e-mail, telephone or form. The main purpose of the website is therefore to present your offer, your service or your competences in an attractive and credible way.

Paid advertisements for Online shops represent the Sale of the products in the foreground. Here, too, the product itself, its presentation and the seriousness of the offer (of the operator) must be convincing.

The danger of wasting money

If you don't have a website or webshop to convince the visitor, a Google Ads campaign is a waste of money. Of course, we only launch campaigns with Prospect of success and are available to advise you with our many years of experience.
Whereas with the Search engine optimisation (SEO) the development of the website and the implementation of the SEO measures take place at the same time at best, an AdWords campaign can also only be after the creation of a website take place.

Full control and quick changes

Creating campaigns to advertise in search engines is a multi-stage process. In principle, it takes place on 4 levels:

  1. Identify search intent, select keywords
  2. Design ads
  3. Create landing pages
  4. Control and optimise

A huge advantage of paid ads is the full control over the target (the landing page), the text of the ads and the keywords on which the ad is displayed.

Find and select good keywords

Keywords are often defined too broadly. Unfortunately, this is also what Google wants. More keywords result in more clicks, but also more costs! We choose the keywords very Carefully off and prefer to start with campaigns that are too narrowly focused so that efficiency is the top priority from the start. Keywords are attractive for us when

  • the keywords are unique,
  • the keywords match the offer,
  • the keywords have a measurable search volume.

Write and enrich good ads

Text ads now consist of more than just a headline, text and link. The Ad extensions can make the ads attractive and thus achieve more clicks. Our recommendations for good ads that do not waste money unnecessarily are as follows:

  • The ad text includes the keyword.
  • The ad text does not exaggerate.
  • The ad text also restricts the offer.

Create good landing pages

We define so-called landing pages to which a visitor is directed after clicking on the ad. We make sure that the landing page meets the following requirements:

  • The landing page matches the ad.
  • The landing page focuses on the search intention.
  • The landing page has a clear "call-to-action".

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