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Moving an online shop to WooCommerce is a strategic decision for your company. We are happy to support you in your project and bring in our experience from more than 40 successful projects.

Overview of data migration and systems

The reasons for and against a shop move

For a move speaks to WooCommerce:

Against a move speaks to WooCommerce:

We help you move your shop

A shop move is the right time to implement a more modern design, optimised user guidance and new functions. We as Internet agency are specialised in WooCommerce shops and have experience from more than 40 realised projects in this area. In addition to the above-mentioned points, however, the Data migration a very important point (and cost factor) when it comes to switching to WooCommerce.

Here is a small overview of the common methods of data migration to WooCommerce.

Data migration methods

Manual method with Copy&Paste

For a few products

If you only have a few products in your current shop, simply copying and pasting is a practical way. However, texts, images, prices and other features have to be copied and pasted individually into the WooCommerce shop. With more than 100 products, this is an exhausting activity, as you have to remain very concerted over the long term.

Nevertheless, mistakes happen again and again with this method, which have to be corrected in the second pass.

Customer and order data are usually not copied with this method. On the one hand, there are technical reasons for this, and on the other hand, it is usually not worth the effort. A loss of customer data and order history is therefore the consequence of this method.

Semi-manual method

CSV export and import via WordPress (if necessary with plugin)

Some online shops offer the function of a CSV or XML export of data. If product data, orders and customer data can be exported as CSV or XML, this is a possible method to migrate data to WooCommerce. However, since the data structure in the existing shop most likely does not correspond to that of WooCommerce, the fields must be "mapped".

If data fields are transmitted that WooCommerce does not provide, these must be sorted out or ignored. On the other hand, WooCommerce may require data fields that do not exist in the old shop. In this case, they must be entered manually or filled in with a default value.

A WordPress plugin like e.g. WP All Import can make it easier to assign the data fields. Nevertheless, with this method advanced knowledge to WooCommerce is necessary to implement a successful data migration.

Automated import and export

via a specialised supplier

There are service providers who have specialised in the data migration of online shops. One of the first providers is Cart2Cart. The company from the USA offers automated data migration of many common shop systems to WooCommerce (and other systems). The service is generally subject to a fee and is initially calculated according to the number of entries (products, orders, customers).

However, since many shop owners do not achieve the desired result with automated data migration, you can also buy individual support from these providers. The price is based on the amount of work involved and is billed in packages. Through outsourcing to the Ukraine or India, among other places, the hourly rate is 30-50 euros. The company claims that the success rate is very high. We cannot confirm this, however, as a complex data migration is also accompanied by good communication in the native language (German).

Professional data migration

by an agency/programmer

Of course, the path via a professional Internet agency the safest way to transfer the data completely from the current shop to WooCommerce. With a complex data structure, not only do fields have to be assigned, but fields may have to be linked or separated.

Data from connected software systems (e.g. an enterprise resource planning system) must also be taken into account individually and can only be transferred correctly by a standard solution in rare cases.

In addition, there is the Possibility to optimise the data. Either for improved usability or optimised further processing of the data (fulfilment, accounting or similar).
We are happy to be your partner for a successful data migration. Please note that we only Data migration to WooCommerce carry out!

Our services for a move to WooCommerce

Move to WooCommerce


Professional data migration from Shopify to WooCommerce

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Professional data migration from Shopware 5 to WooCommerce


Data migration from Magento 1.x and 2.x to WooCommerce


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Own development

Data migration from individual shops to WooCommerce

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We analyse your shop

With our Scan analysis tools we immediately check your current shop and gain insights into the scope. We then create an individual questionnaire that we discuss with you personally. 



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After we have recorded your requirements and wishes, we create in 2-3 workdays a detailed fixed price offer for the data migration, design and implementation. 

We move your shop

We usually start with the transfer of the Data into a test system. On this basis, the design and the desired functions are developed. Shortly before going live, the Data reconciled againThis ensures that no data is lost and that unnecessary errors are avoided in the course of the relaunch. 



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After the successful conversion to the new system, we are of course still there for you and help you with daily operation, updates and further development.