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Overview WooCommerce Shops

We have been creating professional WooCommerce shops for clients from many different sectors for over 10 years. WooCommerce, just like our agency, has continuously evolved and has its Market share strongly expanded. In conjunction with the WordPress CMS a WooCommerce shop is a Inexpensive and flexible solution (see price details) for entry into online trading.  

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Selection of our projects with WooCommerce

Viva la Mama

The new WooCommerce shop was created with the page builder from Elementor. In addition to the redesign, essential shopping functions such as filters and sorting were also revised and optimised.

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The goal was to create a professional and scalable online shop system. The connection to Billbee and the legal security regarding data protection were also important points of the project.

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The Countess

Personalised products for children and adults can be ordered via the WooCommerce shop of Gräfin GmbH. The heart of the webshop is the product configurator, with which the gift can be individually designed.

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In addition to the fundamental redesign of the website with WordPress, the implementation of an online shop for different customer groups played a decisive role.

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In addition to the modern web design, the connection of shop and merchandise management was an important requirement of the project. The litec GmbH uses the JTL-WaWi, which is connected to the WooCommerce shop with the JTL-Connector.

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Our services for WooCommerce

Shop concept

At the beginning, the central work step

The conception of a WooCommerce online shop is the central work step in the first third of a project. Here we process the information gained from customer discussions, information provided and our own analyses, as well as our experience from more than 10 years of Web design and shop development. Already in this phase, the visibility in the Google search and the Conversion rate optimisation planned. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is therefore always part of the process with us and No connected load.

Shop design

We design your WooCommerce shop

Web design is one of our core services. Whether imagery, typeface or logo development, you get a complete and modern web design for your WooCommerce shop from our agency. But a successful webshop needs more than a fancy appearance. For us, good webshop design not only means creating a pleasant user interface, the web design also includes a sensible page and menu structure and intuitive functionality for all devices and screen sizes.

Shop hosting

We host your online shop

Every webshop needs a server on which the files are located. Hosting refers to this service, which we naturally offer for your WooCommerce shop. In addition to outstanding performance (which has a positive effect on the loading speed of your shop), you get regular data backups and 24/7 monitoring of the webshop.

Plugin development

For individual shop functions

The selection of existing plug-ins is huge, but finite. Of course we also program our own plugins for special functions. These range from the marking of advertisements on overview pages to a factorial price calculation of grouped products to a display of availabilities in the list view.
We would be happy to discuss your requirements in a non-binding initial meeting.

WooCommerce connection

To your merchandise management or marketplaces

We connect your WooCommerce shop to your existing ERP system as well as to all common marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy. Thus, systems from SAP, Sage or JTL can be indirectly connected via the existing interface. The connection usually works via a "middleware" that acts as a link between the merchandise management system or the marketplace and the shop. Orders, stock and product data are thus synchronised in real time.

Search engine optimisation

SEO for top rankings on Google & Co.

The Search engine optimisation (SEO) for WooCommerce shops is one of our core competences. The smartest web design is usually of no use to a web shop if it does not appear in Google search. In order to save costs and work efficiently, search engine optimisation is an essential service area from the start of the project, which can influence the page structure, content and functionality.

Removal service

Relocation service for WooCommerce shops

Hosting is elementary for the security and speed of a shop. But there can also be other good reasons for moving an online shop. The effort depends on the size of the site and the current server environment. In addition to the website, the domain and email inboxes may also have to be moved. To avoid downtime and negative effects in the Google ranking, we offer a professional relocation service for WooCommerce shops.

More about the Move from other content management systems (TYPO3, Joomla, Wix, Redaxo, etc.) can be found here.

WooCommerce migration

From xt:Commerce, Magento, Shopware, Gambio or Shopify

We transfer your existing shop from Magento, xt:Commerce, Gambio, Shopify or Shopware to WooCommerce. We not only take over the product data and images, but can also migrate your customer and order data. Especially for shops with many products (> 100), an automated migration is recommended. Learn more about the move to WooCommerce.

Integration & Connection

We connect your WordPress website to

The integration and connection of external systems can be technically and conceptually demanding. Automated data exchange is a requirement, not only for shops with WordPress or the WooCommerce plugin, which we gladly and professionally implement. Content (ads, offers, etc.) from other systems can be integrated via the existing WordPress interface (API) and give your WordPress website a special relevance.

WooCommerce training courses

So that you can manage your shop yourself

For many companies, the web shop is a critical factor for the company's success. It is therefore logical to have the know-how for updating the webshop as well as the efficient processing of orders within the company. In our Trainings for groups or for individuals, we show the more important functions and explain clearly the connections between technology, design and search engine optimisation.

Advantages of WooCommerce

Legal certainty with German plugins

DSGVO, wave of warnings, cookies, data protection and Google Analytics - the legal security of a webshop is an important topic, not only since the DSGVO. The comprehensive extensions German Market by MarketPress or Germanized by Vendidero provide the functionalities for a legally secure online shop. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know the current legal situation and can advise you (without guarantee).

WooCommerce with WordPress

WooCommerce only works in conjunction with WordPressbecause WooCommerce is "only" a plugin. The integration in WordPress is therefore very good. This already results in an important advantage: WooCommerce can be integrated very well into a WordPress website - this applies to the look and also to the technology.

Bi- or multilingual WooCommerce shops

Creating a webshop in two or more languages is standard today, but it is not directly integrated into WordPress or WooCommerce. Nevertheless, this is a standard process that we implement with the WordPress plugin WPML. Common languages such as English or French are less complex than, for example, Arabic or Chinese. The translation of the texts can be done by us, by you or by third parties. There is an integrated translation management system for this.

Prices for WooCommerce shops

For the new development or revision of WooCommerce shops, we offer our customers fixed prices that we always keep.

In order to provide you with a quote, we require a preliminary discussion or a detailed written briefing. Here you will find a Model for tender documents. The preliminary talk and the offer are free of charge for you.

In principle, our fixed price offers are also based on the estimated amount of work. The following prices are therefore only indicative and non-binding.

Scope of the shop Redesign Revision
up to 30 pages/products from €3,500 from €1,500
up to 200 pages/products from €6,000 from €2,000
with multilingualism + 1.500 € + 1.000 €

FAQ about WooCommerce

Is WooCommerce free of charge?

The WordPress content management system, like the WooCommerce shop plugin, is permanently free. Numerous extensions are also free of charge. The business model of WordPress/WooCommerce is called freemium, which means that the basis is free and you only pay for the use of special functions. The company behind WooCommerce is Automattic Inc., which is very successful in marketing accompanying premium services or premium software (especially plugins).

Why is WooCommerce so popular?

Installing WordPress and WooCommerce used to be advertised as taking 5 minutes. Today, we can even do it in 30 seconds, including setting up an SSL certificate. Standard processes are rarely complex with WordPress and WooCommerce, which is the great advantage of using them. However, the server or hosting must be up to date and prepared for WordPress. This is the prerequisite for error-free operation of a webshop with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Are there special WooCommerce themes?

Yes, there are some themes that specialise in product display and the buying process. Besides the free WooCommerce theme Storefront there are other good themes. We like to use the Savoy theme. Also our preferred Avada Premium Theme is suitable for an attractive and powerful WooCommerce shop. But here too, the number of themes is almost infinite, making it very difficult for beginners to choose. The probability of choosing an unsuitable theme is very high and the consequences are considerable.

What do plugins for WooCommerce do?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, which in turn can be extended almost indefinitely with plugins. Many of the little helpers are available for free or for little money. But the use of plugins also requires a conscious selection and competence. WooCommerce plugins can also always be a technical and safety-related risk bring along. That is why knowledge of useful extensions is an important agency service.

When does programming have to be done?

Whether customising a theme, plugin or the Programming individual functions, sometimes we need to enable WooCommerce shop requirements with custom code. The programming work is shown separately in your offer. During implementation, we not only pay attention to functionality in the status quo, but also think about the future, i.e. the Solution must be future-proof and still function flawlessly in future updates.

Is a WooCommerce shop secure?

WordPress websites and therefore WooCommerce shops are constantly under attack from hackers and systems that are up to no good. Our website is "attacked" several times an hour. But being afraid is still unjustified! WordPress is in principle very secure. Even the standard security precautions are enough to successfully ward off attacks. Of course, when creating a WooCommerce shop, the important security measures are always part of our service.

What products can you sell with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce shops are suitable for displaying and selling services, simple products, variable products (e.g. T-shirts in different sizes and colours), digital products (e.g. e-books), grouped products (e.g. ski sets), memberships (e.g. language courses) and combinations thereof.

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