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Elementor is a page builder for WordPress websites. With it, you can not only design your content on pages and in posts, but also create the entire website. The website of our Internet agency is also implemented with the Elementor plugin (Pro version).

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References of our agency with Elementor

Selection of our projects with this page builder

Like New

With the help of editorial texts and a well thought-out onpage SEO, the site is now also displayed for important keywords throughout Germany. In this way, Like New has been able to significantly expand its customer base.

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SFCP Network

For the project, a custom WordPress design was developed with Elementor. The web design and functionality were designed for smartphones and desktop.

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Berlin gourmet manufactory

For our internet agency, the task was to clearly present the various offers on the WordPress website and to convey the high quality of the products.

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In addition to the fundamental redesign of the website with WordPress, the implementation of an online shop for different customer groups played a decisive role.

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The website optimally presents the innovative product with modern motion effects. By means of storytelling, the product and the respective area of application are explained simply, but nevertheless precisely.

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Why use Elementor?

Elementor is the shooting star in the page builder sky. Young, hip and modern, the tool is conquering the hearts of website operators and agencies. The use and the community are growing fast and steadily.

The increasing dissemination in turn has further positive effects:

  • Many plugins want to be compatible with Page Builder and adapt themselves.
  • Hosters adjust their systems to him, so you can build on optimal conditions here.
  • External Plugins are being developedto extend the Page Builder in a meaningful way.
Google Trend Elementor

Advantages of Elementor

As a digital agency, we create websites with Elementor when the site needs to impress with movement. Because a good web design also uses the Movement of the elements for better usability.
The following effects can be implemented without individual programming:

  • extensive hover effects on buttons, images and many other elements;
  • Movement effectsbased on the user's viewport, i.e. an element is displayed once, e.g. from the left, when the user has reached a certain point on the page;
  • Movement effects based on the Scrolling behaviour of the user, i.e. if the user scrolls down, a headline, for example, becomes larger and a background becomes coloured. If the user then scrolls up again, this effect is reversed.
Hello Elementor Theme Preview

The matching Elementor theme

Numerous WordPress themes use compatibility with Elementor as a selling point. From our experience, the use of the free Elementor theme "Hello" is completely sufficient. You don't need a premium theme to work with PageBuilder.

Why is there a Pro Licence?

The free version of Elementor does not include all the possibilities it can offer. For a professional website we recommend the Pro version, in order to full functional scope and to contribute to the further development of the software.

Storytelling tools are included

Elementor has the right tools for this (in the Pro version). Thanks to sensibly used interactions, the user is "tied" to the website and the time on site increases significantly. Of course, the effects must add value to the content and be related to the goal of the website.

Agency experience with this page builder

With Elementor, it was possible to implement a responsive design very early and relatively easily. In addition, the impressive motion effects, which are not only oriented to the viewpoint but also to the scrolling of the mouse, were already introduced in 2019. The development of further functions over the years shows that the developers have an "ear to the customer". Valuable functions enrich the Page Builder in close time intervals without the quality suffering. In the meantime, laOlaWeb has already built or revised more than 50 websites with Elementor.

Not recommended: Import of ready-made elements

The Page Builder also offers predefined layouts and elements that you can simply load into your library. Similar to the import of demo data in WordPress themes, however, caution is advised here. Because you import a lot of "ignorance" with one click. As a result, you have to spend a long time understanding the imported layouts or templates in order to be able to adapt them. Therefore, we recommend not importing the elements but, if at all, rebuilding them.

Prices for a website with Elementor

For the new development or revision of websites with Elementor, we offer our customers fixed prices. In order to provide you with an offer, we can collect the key data together with you in a preliminary discussion. You are also welcome to send us a detailed written briefing. Here you will find a Model for tender documents

In principle, our offers are based on the estimated workload. This is higher for websites with Elementor than for implementation with the Avada theme. The following prices for websites based on Elementor are therefore only indicative and non-binding.

Cost estimation with Elementor at a glance:

Scope of the websiteRedesignRevision
up to 10 pagesfrom €4,500from €2,500
up to 50 pagesfrom €8,000from €3,000
with shop function+ 2.000 € + 1.000 €

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